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Model Agency: A Beginner’s Guide

A beginner entering the industry should aim to know all the nuts and bolts of a model agency in order to work with them efficiently. Bookers/Model managers It is hard to overstate a booker’s importance to a model agency. A booker is also known as model or talent manager. The key roles include scheduling shoots […]

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All About Blanket Molds

Learn the types and methods of making blanket molds. Life casting is an exciting but challenging art that requires both care and practice to perfect the skill. Related ProductsLoading products..

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Terra Jole

Do you know who Terra Jole is? Perhaps you have heard the name or seen her on one of her television shows. While she may not be a household name quite yet, there is a chance that more and more people will know who she is in the coming months. Related ProductsLoading products..

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